Invisiframe Stunning Custom fitting for Steel Road Bike

We are really pleased with our latest invisiframe wrap for this beautiful steel Isen frame, this took quite a lot more time than usual due to the thin steel tubing which meant we had to get the Invisiframe kit custom made to fit the bike. Further adaption was needed to go around the cage bolts and other lugs without using separate pieces. The kit worked particularly well on this colour scheme of bike and looks almost invisible. We also swapped out the bar tape for some Supacaz galaxy with oil slick which really finished the look off.

These style frames come with a lot of issues when having your frame protected, To overcome these issues we have to meticulously cut and go around some very tricky and integral parts of the bike frame, such as this part here with internal and external cables, the wrap needs to be precise and planned for. protecting the frame is just as important as how it will look when finished.

This bike as you can tell has a very eye-catching colour scheme and professionally painted design, we chose a gloss invisiframe to help pop some of the colours while also contrasting the black. Our customer opted to have their Forks invisiframed which meant creating more custom cut wrap, which would cover the entirety of the forks.

As you can tell we really took our time creating and fitting this kit for our customer, We wanting it to look as if it was part of the bike, not just on the bike.

In addition to its practical advantages, investing in an Invisiframe protection kit is also a testament to your commitment to maintaining the value of your bike. Just as you would service your car regularly to keep it in top condition, protecting your bike’s frame ensures its longevity and resale value. It’s a small investment that pays dividends in the long run.

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