Stunning Invisiframe installation on a beautiful Santa Cruz

This is how we install our invisiframe kits on our customer’s bikes. Find out about pricing for invisiframe wraps here

With this bike the customer decided they wanted the best protection for their beautifully painted frame.

To begin the invisiframe wrapping we first have to get our tools ready, This includes:

  • Isopropal alcohol
  • Water
  • A squeegee
  • Some flexible soft tools

Our next step is to remove from the bike all the parts and accessories that would get in our way when applying the wrap, in this case it was just the wheels.

After this we can then start wetting the areas we will apply the wrap, followed by the wrap itself (this helps it to not stick to the bike straight away and gives you more working time.

As on this hightower we have started with the top tube and seat tube. This is because we dont want any of the moisture from applying the wrap to get onto the parts we have already done. this is the part we will be looking at the most as a rider so it has to be perfect.

Once the top of the bike is completed we can move on to the more awkward and complicated parts of the frame. In this case that would be Santa Cruz’ lovely VPP rear triangle.

As you can see we once again started at the top and worked our way down, making sure to apply pressure and remove all the bubbles that usually form as we go. Following on from the rear triangle we begin on the bottom of the frame. This part takes time and patience to get lined up, To help us we have angled the frame upwards.

This is now the final part of the kit, this will protect your frame and paint from any oils and chain damage. We leave this piece till last as it is the lowest part of the bike and thus by doing it last we can once again take our time and line it up with the other parts of the kit so it looks as seamless as possible.

After having completed these steps its now time to wipe the bike down and put all the parts you removed back on the bike! Or alternatively you could proceed to invisi wrapping the forks which we will do a follow up blog post on

If your interested in having your bike invisiframed please dont hesitate to contact us on 01332 902701 or book online at:

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