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FROG Bikes build guide in just 13 simple steps

This 13 step guide is to help you take your frog from “out-the-box” to fully built in no time! For this the tools you will need are;

STEP 1: Remove your new bike from the box.

STEP 2: Cut all the zip ties and remove the safety packaging.

STEP 3: With your 4mm Allen key, undo the 4 bolts as shown below.

STEP 4: Attach the bars and tighten the 4 bolts.

STEP 5:Attach the pedals (make sure to get the pedals on the correct side) and dont forget to add copper compound grease so they wont seize to the bike.

STEP 6: Now to open the mudguards and accessories box.

STEP 7: With the screws and mounts provided, attach the mudguards as shown below.

STEP 8: Now we attach the front wheel by using the skewer provided, putting it through the front wheel like so:

STEP 9:Put the front wheel into the forks

STEP 10: Now we attach the brakes and tighten the cable

STEP 11:Pump up the tyres to 40psi (or the stated psi on the side of the tyre)

STEP 12: Attach the reflectors and bell

STEP 13: Your bike is now ready to ride!

I hope this simple and easy to use guide has helped you build the dream FROG bike, if you liked this and want to know more let us know! We also have a lot of other posts about everything from E-Bikes to coffee shops. All of this can be found on our blog post.

Dont forget to check out CycloMonster’s website! or follow our links at the top of the page for our quick and handy tools to complete this build guide.


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