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Experience Why People Choose a Custom Built Road Bike From Cyclo Monster

Moda Bikes are now available from Cyclo Monster and have been proving a very popular option for people wanting a bike built just for them. Moda offers a variety of bikes either in Carbon or Titanium with performance and endurance geometries. All bikes are fully customisable with your choice of groupsets and wheels.

We dont list all the available bikes and options on our website. However anything you can see on Moda’s website is available to order from Cyclo Monster.

How do I get a customised bike build?

  1. After a chat about the type of custom built road bike you need and the expected usage, i.e performance, endurance, road or gravel we can start to narrow down on the correct model for your needs.
  2. After this we need to find out the correct size. We do this using the Shimano Bike Fitting System .
  3. From this information, we will be able to match your personal dimensions to the most suitable frame size. At the same time we will also gather information on the correct stem length and stem height, the handlebar width, and the exact height your saddle needs to be.
  4. After a discussion on the how and where you tend to ride we will make a recommendation on the best gearing options to make your life easier.
  5. A variety of groupset options and wheelsets can also be advised, based on your budget and ambitions.
  6. Once this is complete the order will be placed. Usually we can expect your bike to arrive in our workshop within 1-2 weeks. Where it will be fully built and safety checked prior to undergoing the final stage of the bike fitting process.
  7. Based on the data already taken we will make the necessary adjustments to the bike to complete the tailored fit prior to collection.
  8. When you arrive to collect we will check the theoretical fit model is a good fit. Then when you are on the bike we can make any additional adjustments to ensure you are comfy on the bike based on your feedback.
  9. Your custom built road bike is now ready for a riding.
  10. If needed after the first few rides we can make any additional modifications to the fit based on your feedback. Then 6 weeks later or 100 miles or so, you can drop the bike back in for a check-up. We will then recheck all the bolts, gears and brakes again after the bedding in process.

How much is a Custom Road Bike Build?

Prices start from around £1799

The bike fitting process is included for free on most bikes over £1500

Get in touch if you would like a bike tailored to your exact needs

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