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16 Reasons to Give Your Partner for Buying a New Bike

Not everyone understands the importance of buying a new bike. They don’t realise that the current one is last season and a new groupset is now available that could save you seconds on your favourite route.

Not everyone appreciates that 25mm tyres are so last year and you need a new frame to take 28mm. They might even think that there is something wrong with buying an electric bike to complement your existing collection.

They won’t be able to comprehend the N+1 rule. You need to know our 16 reasons to give your partner for buying a new bike.

Sadly your partner could be the biggest barrier standing between you and your amazing new bike. In order to bridge this barrier, you need to be prepared and ready for any objection that can be thrown at you. Start preparing now to avoid disappointment, and don’t miss out on your next technological step forward.

Here are 16 reasons to give your partner for buying a new bike

  1. It will save me money in the long run as I won’t be driving around so much.
  2. I’ll be out of the house more often so we won’t have to spend so much time together.
  3. I will sell the old one after I get the new one. Honest!
  4. It’s going to help my fitness so I will be better at (choose your own word)
  5. My old bike is broken and it’s not cost-effective to fix it, id just be throwing money away, so its better to cut my losses now and upgrade to the latest technology.
  6. This is the best bike ever and is everything I’ve ever wanted in a bicycle. I can’t imagine I’ll ever have to buy another one again. (Don’t worry if you think you won’t be able to get another bike after this, as you didn’t know about the new technology that was just around the corner so it won’t be your fault in a few years when you fancy another one.)
  7. It’s long been proven that buying a new bike improves look term mental health so I’m going to be in a much better mood all the time from now on.
  8. A new bike will make me want to go out for a ride more often so I’m going to get much fitter. Which means I will be much more healthy, and you want me to be fitter and healthy right?
  9. The economy is screwed up if it’s not brexit, it’s trump starting a trade war or a new virus about to shut down imports. Prices are about to go up at this time of global and economic uncertainty as the cost of importing goods increases. I need to get one now so it doesn’t cost more in the future. (This might actually happen!)
  10. Yes I know I have a road bike but I need to get a mountain bike or gravel bike as the roads are so rough and I keep riding into potholes and popping spokes.
  11. Yes I know I have a mountain bike or gravel bike but I need to get a road bike as riding on the road is better for fitness so it will help me riding off-road.
  12. All my mates have got an electric bike and I can’t keep up anymore so I need to get one too.
  13. If this doesn’t work consider getting a new bike that’s the same colour or very similar. There’s a good chance it won’t get spotted.
  14. Ask the shop for 2nd receipt for a much lower value. (Yes we do get asked).
  15. Keep your new bike hidden round a mates house or similar.
  16. Just explain that if you want something you should be able to have it. You’re a grown-up after all and work hard for your cash. You should probably expect some sort of counterclaim when using this though so your initial budget might need revision.

We don’t endorse any of these tactics and honesty is probably a much better option. But bikes are great and new ones are even better.

So when are you getting yours?


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