Why Do You Stock These E-MTBs?

As we have one of the largest electric bike ranges in Derby. I thought it may be helpful to answer a question we get asked a lot. Why Do You Stock These E-MTBs?

There are 3 main types of the E-MTBs that we stock. Hardtail (100-120mm Travel), Trail (120-150mm Travel) and Enduro (140-180mm Travel). Depending on what you like riding there are differences in the geometry of the bikes and how they handle. The Electric mountain bikes that we stock all come with crack driven motor. The power output they give varies on motor type. Anywhere from a Bosch performance line motor that gives 65Nm of torque. To the new Haibike Flyon motor with a whopping 120Nm of torque. Battery sizes start from 500Wh up to a huge 630Wh. With some of our models having the option to add on another 500wh battery. Which take the total up to a whopping 1125Wh. This most importantly gives you ample mileage to cut though trails for a whole day of fun. If you want more in depth information on motor types you can find our post on here.

The E-MTBs we stock come from reputable brands: Scott, Focus, Cube and Haibike.

We stock these brands as they are at the forefront of research and development on E-Bikes with them all constantly pushing forward and innovating with motor and battery position giving you a great ride

Hardtail E-Bikes

Hardtail electric bike are amazing for tazzing around on most terrain including countrysides, parks and general cross county. Great for places like Carsington Water or red and blue trail center routes. These normally come with a 100-120mm front fork and a 8 to 12 speed transmission. Cube do a great bike that falls in this category. The Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 has a great spec which most cyclists would find suitable for general terrain.

Cube Acid Hybrid One 500

Trail E-Bikes

Trail E-Bikes are great for bombing around the countryside. With a slacker head angle usually around 65-69 degrees they offer more capability and comfort on rough terrain than a hard tail. These have a crank driven motor with a good amount of torque and normally sporting a 120-150mm of front and rear suspension.

The Scott Strike eRide 940 is a perfect example of this, which is available with a 625wh battery. There is also an option to add a second 500wh battery. Which boost the total to 1125wh for an all day ride or power hungry user. Making range anxiety a thing of the past.

Scott Strike eRide 940

Enduro E-Bikes

These bikes are great for smashing all terrains including, drop offs, jumps and rolling with the berms. Typically these have a slacker head angle than a trail MTB of around 62-66 degrees. These bikes are great for demanding and steep terrain and hitting some good speed. Not only do you have the assistance of getting up the hills. You have the added weight of the bike to help you pick up speed on your descent. Equipped with high torque crank driven motors and mid to high end 12 speed groupsets they are the prefect bikes for Bike Park Wales, Cannock or anywhere else. The Haibike XDURO AllMtn 5.0 is a prime example of this because of its 150mm Fork, RockShox Deluxe RT, air damper and amazing Flyon HPR120S 120Nm Torque motor that will keep you smiling up the hills aswell as down.

Haibike XDURO AllMtn 5.0

If you want any more information on our bikes, motors or batteries, please come down to our showroom on 76 Derby Road, Spondon, Derby, DE21 7LX.

We usually have over 25 Electric bikes on display and access to more than 100 individual models. These include hybrid bikes for paths, trails and road and folding E-bikes which are great for motor homers or where space is at a premium. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members can talk you though all aspects of E-Bikes. While your here you can take any of the bikes on a quick test ride with us and help yourself to a tea or coffee.

I hope this and the other article helps and we look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.

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