8 Winter Riding Tips on How to Keep Going Through Winter

Don’t let the winter stop you from riding.

Here are 8 winter riding tips on how to keep going through the winter to help build some fitness ready for the better weather.


One of the hardest aspects of winter training is getting out the door onto the bike: ‘from bed to shed’. Even the slightest distraction or reason not to ride, such as not having your favourite socks clean, can be enough to return to the warm embrace of your duvet. Counter this by making sure all your kit is ready. Make a deal with yourself that, if you don’t feel like riding, as long as you’ve given it a 10-minute go, you can ditch the session. Typically, once you’re out you’ll feel good and go on to ride a full session. 

Tip 2 – LIGHTS

Make sure that you have a good set of front and rear lights, These don’t need to be expensive for daytime riding good lights start from around £15. Most riders these days run flashing mode at the back as this will attract more attention, our staff use the Moon Nebula and Lezyne strip drives.  


Wear reflective or bright-coloured tops , and wear several thin layers as opposed to thick, ideally one of these will be a high-wicking base layer this will enable air to be trapped between the layers and keep you warm, carry a waterproof top for occasion’s that it gets really wet. Don’t use cotton t-shirts or similar.


Cold feet can ruin a ride, thermal insulated and wicking socks will keep your feet happy, and wear overshoes to keep them dry and warm.


Use wet weather lube to keep the chain in top condition and make sure you clean the bike down after a ride and re-lubricate. Read our cleaning guide here.

Tip 6 – TYRES

Make sure that you have suitable winter tyres, these are your only contact with the road. Consider swapping your fast tyres out for something with a little bit of tread.


These will keep your bike cleaner and also keep water away from your feet, back and bum also your riding buddies will appreciate them. Expect and deserve to get some flack if you turn up on a wet ride without any.

Tip 8 – ICE

If you get caught out by a patch of ice that you didn’t spot in time, ride as straight as possible and try not to brake or turn as you won’t get any grip from the ice and turning the wheels will almost definitely result in a crash unless you are very skilful. Don’t cross your fingers as you will definitely fall off. Try to avoid panicking, its quite possible to stay on the bike if you hold your nerve.

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