How To Clean Your Bike.

As an employee in a bike shop, one of the most common questions when handing over a new shinny bike is “how do I keep it looking this good?” It’s quite simple really, Good cleaning and maintenance is key.

This will make your bike look good and keep it working in tip top condition for many rides. Keeping that chain clean, lubed and the winter salt off your frame is one of the easiest prevention methods to combat unwanted wear on your bike. One of the main thing people don’t do is clean the chain.

In the workshop we see many a grubby chain caked in oil. It is one of the grubbier jobs to do when it comes to cleaning your bike but it makes a massive difference to the ease of shifting, running and ware of the chain. Using a Muc-Off X3 Chain cleaner is the simplest and cleanest way of doing this.

There is a helpful video made by our friends at Muc-Off here. Checking the chain for wear is also important and we have a helpful guide on how to check you chain.

But I hear you ask you have not told me how to clean my bike yet. Well Muc-Off have done all the hard work here. With creating great products that work great at cleaning the grease, mud and salt off your bike.

Along with a handy little step by step guide to help you clean your bike whether it be a road, MTB or Electric Bike the steps are the same to keep your bicycle in top condition. With the 3 easy steps Clean, Protect, Lube your bike will be looking and running great again in no time.

Check out the guide below and Click here to view all the products on our site.

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