Muc-Off Refill Station

Why Recycle when you can Refill?

We’ve all seen the shocking images of plastic waste in our oceans and Muc-Off as a contributor to this waste have made a pledge to eliminate over 30K tonnes of plastic by 2023 as part of their new ‘Project Green’ initiative, which is now live.

The brand-new Muc-Off Refill Station is designed to encourage consumers to refill the bottles in store reducing carbon footprint and plastic waste. The Muc-Off 1L cleaner bottle was built to last. The trigger is designed to be re-used time and time again. Not only is using the refilling station better for the the environment but it is also better for your wallet. With a New bottle of Muc-Off 1L Cleaner costing £9.99 rrp and the Refill only costing £4.50 in store you can protect the plants and the pounds.

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