Hand Built Custom Bicycle Wheel Build

The wheels are one of the most important components that make up your bike, It’s what separates you from the surface you’re riding on. So how about a quality custom bicycle wheel build made the way you want. 

Typically a cheaper bike under £1500 will come with an entry set of bike factory wheels. Perfectly suitable for most riding, but after a long ride or a group ride you might find yourself looking for some extra speed, comfort or ease. Grinding up up a long steep climb dragging a heavy set of wheels can take the fun out of cycling.

Custom Bicycle Wheel Building

Upgrading the bicycle wheels can often be the best upgrade made to a bike as the rotating mass drops with a lighter set. Also there’s no harm going for for something more aerodynamic or cooler looking. Nothing boost street cred better than a set of deep section carbon rims for a road bike. For MTB’s a set of pimped up colour matched hubs and spoke nipples look amazing.

DT Swiss Custom Wheels ready to build

All our custom hand built bike wheels are built instore to your specifications. When you order a set of wheels from us you are receiving a custom made product to the highest standards with a 1 year guarentee. Our wheels are produced to within 0.1mm of lateral trueness unless otherwise stated.

We can source from some of the top brands including Enve, Hope, Chris king, Dt-Swiss, Mavic, Shimano, Syncros, Zipp, Hunt, Miche, Campagnolo, Halo, NS-Bikes, Stans, Nukeproof and many more. Any type of wheel can be built in our Derby workshop, including E-bike, Velodrome/track, Bmx/Dirt jumper/DJ, Road/Racing Touring, Enduro/XC/MTB/DH. 

Cyclo Monster is a local independent bike shop located in Derby. With a full time workshop staffed by Cytech mechanics offering a full range of workshop services. These include custom wheel building and any wheel job from a small buckle to full bespoke hand-built wheelset and everything in-between. Please send us a message or give us a call for a wheel consultation.

We also stock a wide range of pre built wheels found here

Some of our previous bespoke wheel build jobs: 

This customer, who had previously purchased his first E-Road bike required a second custom cycle wheel build. He needed versatility by being able to swap out the wheels depending on the conditions. Which at the time most manufacturers did not offer as an ‘off the shelf option’ for his electric Road bike, as it had boost hubs. 

Built up DT Swiss Wheels

The bicycle wheel build consisted of:  

1 pair of Dt-Swiss 240s straight pull hubs (Boost) 

1 pair of Dt-swiss rw411 asymmetric rims

Dt-Swiss competition spokes and nipples

The customer required a set of Pirelli tubeless tyres to be fitted and tubeless setup with Stans no tubes kit. New Ultegra cassette and Shimano Ice tech rotors, which was all done with the build. To give the ease of literally swapping the wheels as and when he pleases with no faff. With his original wheelset being fitted with a set of gravel based tyres, and these being fitted with road tyres.

Here’s a Hope Enduro custom bicycle wheel build wheelset which went through our bespoke wheel building process. There were rebuilt with new spokes, and anodised spoke nipples to a colour pattern of the customers choice. The rear consisting of all purple. And the front every other one blue, and every other one purple.

This little detail, really made the wheels look good with the rest of the anodised components on the bike, which we have also supplied and fitted for him.

26″ Aint dead

This customer brought in his retro 26″ Mavic rim, laced to a Hope pro-Evo 2 hub, which had suffered from an eyelet failure, causing the wheel to lose tension in places.

Luckily we had a set of 26″ Mach1 rims, with the same spoke count, so we could rebuild his Hope Hubs up to them.

Both wheels were stripped of spokes and hubs cleaned. Both hubs measured, with the rims to workout the spoke length required. The customer also requested Anodised spoke nipples.

I laced the hub to the rim, and brought the wheel into tension. The true and dish are done equally in a controlled manner. The key is to take your time. Now the wheels taking shape, we can begin to keep an eye on spoke tension and record it with a tension meter.

The same process happens for the front wheel, although no issues were found with the front wheel. the customer wanted a matching set, understandably.

With both wheels, Built, tru’d and dished. the tyres and tubes are fitted and inflated. Brake rotors and cassette are also fitted.

As a general stock item the spokes we typically use at DT-Swiss Competition spokes. However, we are able to source different brands and designs for any bespoke build

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