Tubeless Tyres Conversion Wheel upgrade

Here’s a wheel good workshop offer we have this week. Upgrade your wheels with a tubeless tyre Conversion.

Any tubeless ready wheels and tyres setup with a Muc-Off kit. We can convert your mountain bike wheels or road bike wheels to a tubeless setup 

This includes a set of anodised valves of your colour choice and length.

Tubless rim tape

Muc-Off sealant applied to both wheels.

All labour to ensure there are sealed correctly and safe to ride

All this for just £60 for both wheels!


Whats is the point of tubeless tyres

The main benefit of tubeless tires is the ability to run lower air pressure for better traction without getting pinch flats. This is because there is no tube to pinch between the rim and an obstacle. If you hit something hard with low pressure

Punctures can be less of a problem as the sealant in the tyre should be able to seal any small holes

The weight of the sealant is less than the weight of the tube.

What are the problems with tubeless tyres

  1. Inflation – It can be a real pain trying to get a tubeless tyre to seat on the rim. Some tyres will seat really easily with just a track pump, therefore more often than not a compressor will be needed to get the tyre to pop onto the rim. If you are having problems some water with washing up liquid brushed onto the rim and bead can make a real difference.
  2. Rim tape – this can dislodged on the rim and start causing air to leak out of the spoke holes. If this happens remove the old tape, clean and dry the rim and apply new tape
  3. Punctures – Its still possible to get punctures and if the sealant doesn’t fill the hole you will need to find something else that does or put a tube in which gets messy. So take a tubeless repair kit with you just in case

Fancy have a go at doing your tubeless tyre conversion your self, then you can find all the bits you need here

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