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Best Childrens Bikes for Christmas 2019

Do you remember getting your first bike for Christmas and going for a ride around the street on Christmas day. Your son or daughter might want a new games console but getting a bike is something they will remember for longer.

A bike isn’t just another toy to be played with a few times and discarded a few days later. A bike is a chance to be outdoors, to go on an adventure and gain some freedom. It’s a way to stay fit and healthy. It’s a quick way to get to school or the shops and most of all a bike is fun to own and develops a skill that last forever.

What other Christmas present can you get that can compete with this?

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The Best Kids Bike to Buy for Christmas

Ages 2-4 

A balance bike is the best way to teach your child to ride a bike, balance is the most important thing to learn. We recomend you don’t use stabilisers at any point. It will delay them developing the skills they need to ride. Read our full guide on teaching your child to ride here

Balance Bikes

Ages 3-5 

As soon as your child has learnt to balance they will be confident enough to move onto a proper bike with pedals and brakes. We recommend a lightweight bike that’s fun and easy to ride. Don’t buy a cheap heavy steel framed bike with stabilizers unless you want to set them back for years and put them off cycling forever. These hybrid bikes are perfect for starting out and you will be amazed how far your children can go for with the right bike.

Frog 43 (3-4 Years)

Frog 48 (4-5 Years)

Ages 6-14 

By now hopefully your child has gained some confidence, strength and stamina to go further on slightly more hillier terrain. Its time to consider gears. It doesn’t need to be complicated, a single ring on the front with gears on the back is all your child needs. 

Frog 52 (5-6 Years)

Frog 55 (6-7 Years)

Frog 62 (8-10 Years)

Frog 69 (10-12 Years)

Frog 73 (12-14 Years)

If you are looking to try something involving more off road or just prefer the style of a mountain bike then there are some great options around.

Here are a selection’s a selection of bikes for ages from around 6 upwards. Typically a 20inch bike will be suitable for 6-9 year old and a 24inch for 8- 11 years old

Kids MTB Bikes

The best way to make sure you have the right bike size is to call into our shop and let one of an experienced staff members help you choose the best childrens bike that’s the right size. Dont worry If the bike is meant to be a surprise we are experts in letting them have a sit on the bike without them realising its a planned present.

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