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Tannus Armour Tire Protection alternative to Tubeless

We were recently introduced to the new range of Tannus protection inserts which seems like a great idea , this is an alternative to tubeless tire systems. The insert protects you tires from thorns and glass, but also allows you to run you tires at lower pressure without the risk of pinch flats.

The insert sits between your tire and tube.

There is no mess as you don’t need any sealant or eplacement valves.

The inserts come in a variety of sizes from 700c x 35 to 29 x 2.5

Tech Info

Tannus Armour is the ultimate in tire protection and performance for all levels and styles of riding.

Sitting between your tire and inner tube, the Armour guarantees to protect your tires from any damage so that you can carry on riding no matter what

Whether you are a city biker, adventure tourer or prefer the off-road, downhill or gravel trails, Tannus Armour gives you increased grip and vibration dampening for a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Each Armour size fits a wide range of tire widths. With some sizes it is necessary to trim the Armour wings slightly so they do not fold when installing. Tannus have made it super easy by adding a cut line on the Armour wings. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut along the line. Easy!

Coming in sizes that should fit most bike tyres this is a great little product to give you a bit more piece of mind while cycling.

If you would like us to fit these for you we offer a supply and fit service package on this item for a total of £74.99.

Tannus Armour

Tannus Armour

Tannus Armour

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