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Scott Addict RC 2020 Range Details

Here are some details on the new Scott Addict RC road bikes that have just been released ready for 2020.

This is a fast high performance bike, just ask Simon Yates who won stage 15 of the 2019 tour de france on one of them. There’s a few points to note about this bike which include:

A complete lack of any visible cables is the first thing to notice, other manufacturers have done similar things but not quite fully hidden, the internal routing also filters down to the entry level models which we weren’t expecting and were very pleased to see at the range launch.

Disc only, its the future for higher-end bikes, love or hate them they stop you better and you will be safer riding with a disc setup even in the dry.

The new addict frame is stiffer, more aero and more comfy to ride than the older models.

You can run them with 28mm tyres we think 30mm at a squeeze.

The bottom bracket height has been dropped slightly to compensate for the trend towards bigger tyres.

The frame has a clever new seat post clamp design which only adds 12g.

The bike is more aero gaining you 6 watt at 45km/h

The frame construction has been simplified and is made in 3 parts instead of 6 which reduces the joins, making the frame lighter and stronger.

You are probably expecting this road bike to be very expensive and certainly, the Ultimate model meets that expectation at £10800 with the highest spec HMX-SL carbon layup a Sycross IC SL carbon integrated bar weighing 295g, Sram Red Etap and a set of Zipp 202 NSW, so if you want the best this is the one for you.

However, the technology trickles down quite nicely to the other bikes in range with an Ultegra mechanical bike coming in at much more friendly £3199.

We really like the Sram Force version at £4399, Srams 12 speed wireless groupset is superbly smooth to ride and I loved the auto changing gears as you move though the block.

We can order any Addict RC from the range, here are the bikes instock at the shop

Scott Addict RC Prices

Scott Addict RC Ultimate (Sram Red Etap) = £10,799

Scott Addict RC Premium (Dura-Ace Di2) = £8,999

Scott Addict RC Pro (Dura Ace) = £6299

Scott Addict RC 10 (Dura Ace) = £4399

Scott Addict RC 15 (Ultegra Di2) = £4999

Scott Addict RC 20 (Sram Forec Etap) = £4399

Scott Addict RC 30 ( Ultegra) = £3199

Frame Sets Scott Addict RC Ultimate = £2699

Frame Sets Scott Addict RC Team Edition = £2699

Frame Sets Scott Addict RC Pro = £1999

Creston iC SL intergrated bar and stem = £499.99

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